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It is time to see dyslexia as a gift!

This website is designed to be a resource for people affected by dyslexia,

and to provide information and support for them.

Who does dyslexia affect?

Dyslexia may be hereditary and passed down through families and like many hereditary conditions not every member will be born with it.  Even those within the same family may experience dyslexia differently as it works on a spectrum with some having mild effects and others more severe symptoms.  Dyslexia can be experienced in any country, by either gender and affects any social or economic class.

It is always better for a child to be diagnosed as soon as possible so they can get as much help as possible at school.  However, even in adulthood it is possible to take a test.  Ask your doctor for a referral, do a Google search for dyslexia tests or your local Dyslexia Action Centre.  Knowing what is causing you problems is the starting place for doing something about it.

What are the symptoms?

The main problems dyslexics encounter are reading, writing and spelling, however, it is now accepted that the range of difficulties experienced can go way beyond literacy.  People with dyslexia can also have trouble with:

Short-term memory
Phonological awareness
Organisation and time management problems

See a comprehensive list of symptoms at:  www.happydyslexic.com

What are the emotional costs?

The reality for people with dyslexia is that life is more difficult when you can’t read or understand easily.  When combined with poor self-expression skills the whole world of communication with other people can be frustrating and upsetting. 

See Store page for information on emotional issues that might be of interest.

Where can I go for help?

Ask your doctor.  A Google search of dyslexia will lead to lots of websites offering help.  Also see our Resources page for some ideas of where to begin.

In all cases be a wise consumer and check out several options before making a decision.

How we can help:

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